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Soul-centered Coaching

What is the Soul?

The Soul is a higher version of yourself, also known as Higher Power, or the Authentic Self. The Soul sees the bigger, all-encompassing view. It never judges, criticizes, condemns, or abandons you. It loves you unconditionally through whatever you are growing through. 

What is Soul-centered Coaching?

Soul-centered Coaching is a heart-and-soul-led collaborative coaching process designed to assist you in connecting with and anchoring in the gifts of your own tender loving, inner wisdom, and intuitive guidance. The aim of Soul-centered Coaching is to bring about a real and sustainable connection to your heart (emotional intelligence) and soul (intuition and inner knowing), which will, in turn, bring forward greater alignment, clarity, courage, enthusiasm, presence, and purpose. The core of our coaching work is to bring you back to the beginning, where your essence remains pure and precious regardless of circumstance, situation, thoughts or patterns. Together, we explore what is currently going on in your inner and outer world, and with the assistance of Spirit, we find creative SOULutions that support and inspire you. We address judgments, feelings, misunderstandings, and behaviors that can get in the way of Soul-centered Living. We acknowledge the present and past and look at your intentions and the ideal vision for your future. We work together to develop microscopic changes and self-care practices on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels that nourish and uplift you. It is not necessary to have a particular religious belief or background. Just have the willingness to show up and explore, and a sense that there is a Greater Love leading you.  

How It Works?
My way of coaching with you is unique to the moment and situation, and also to your own expression. It is a loving, creative, and intuitive process. You can start with one session or dive into a series of six sessions - either way, the aim is to help you reconnect with your essence and begin living a more whole-hearted and fulfilling life. 


Soul-centered Coaching can assist you with…

• Discovering your unique gifts and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.
• Gaining access to your intuition, wisdom, guidance, and next steps.
• Igniting greater enthusiasm, aliveness, vitality, and joy in your life.
• Using difficult situations and relationships as learning and growth opportunities.
• Recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs, feelings, habits, and self-doubts.
• Acknowledging and surrendering unhealthy patterns that no longer serve you.
• Finding unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion for yourself and others.
• Remembering and expressing your Divinity, authenticity, preciousness, and worth.

"Give yourself the gift of coaching sessions with Teri Jo 

if you want to move forward in any area of your life." 

~Sharon S, Wife & Mother

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