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About Teri Jo 


 "There is a saying that a true teacher is not one who gives you anything.
A true teacher is one who makes you aware of what you already have and encourages you to use it.
Teri Jo is a true spiritual teacher!"

~Tristen, Elementary School Teacher

At age 23 I was on my way to living the ‘American Dream’. After earning my Bachelor's degree in business, I landed a good job, was living in Manhattan Beach, California, had great friends, and an active social life. But, something felt off. I have a vivid memory of the day I stood in my bedroom and saw my future. It looked something like this - work my way up the corporate ladder, make money, get married, have kids, get divorced, work harder, send my kids to therapy, and have a midlife crisis. This mimicked the lives of many adults around me and thinking about it left me feeling trapped, disheartened, and hungry... for something different. 

I wanted more than the predictable script I saw. That's when I began the deeper quest of self-inquiry and personal growth. It was the early 90’s and self-discovery work was a hot topic, especially in Southern California so there was no shortage of books, courses, retreats, and seminars. I dove heart-first into everything I could find over the next three decades gaining a clearer understanding of what it meant to be human and live a fulfilling life. This Soul-centered education included a Master's in Spiritual Psychology with an additional certification in Consciousness, Health, and Healing, a Master's in Spiritual Science, as well as a Teaching and a Ministerial Credential.

As part of my Soul-searching (and finding), I made moves in my career (from sales to teaching to coaching to organizing and more) and changed geographic locations a few times. I traveled and taught in Mexico, started and ran a non-profit for teens in Seattle, Washington, and have had the pleasure of volunteering in many capacities. Along the way I have met many incredible people. In 2017, I returned to my Southern California roots, and am now living in beautiful Palm Desert. 

This 'road less traveled' has not been an easy path. I have come to realize that very few paths - traditional or unconventional - are easy ones. Living a fulfilling life requires that we learn to continually surrender to the whispers (or shouts) of our heart and Soul.

All of my inner and outer adventures eventually led me back to myself - where the best life has to offer resides. I have learned without a shadow of a doubt that each and every one of us has access to this Authentic Self - if we dare to listen and be true to who we really are.

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