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Soul-centered Education
for Kids, Teens, and Adults & Families

The word education comes from the Latin word educare, which means ‘to draw forth from within.’ I believe that we come here to ‘earth school’ to awaken to the Truth of our being, which is pure loving consciousness. We get many tests, trials, and opportunities into this ‘Awakening’ process. The world entices us with an ego-centered approach to living which is based on ambition, achievement, competition, and acquiring (aka separation, fragmentation, and grasping outside of ourselves). While this can be an interesting path to travel, it is not the most fulfilling. Soul-centered living is collaborative, insightful, creative, compassionate, meaningful, joyous, inclusive, and expansive. This heart-and-soul-centered approach to learning and living is foundational to the courses, workshops, retreats and groups I facilitate. 

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