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Soul-centered Education for Teens

Teens are my favorite audience to do self-discovery work with. They are Honest. Feisty. Brave. Creative. Edgy. Artsy. Bright. Bold. And More. They are often pissed off enough to not want to cooperate with the BS in the world. I have great respect for this and support them in discovering who they really are and what they came here to offer the world. 


The Teen Experience is a 3 day Awareness seminar for teens ages 14-19. It is a cumulative adventure that happens organically over a long weekend through a wide variety of activities and discussions. The Teen Experience mission is, "to empower Teens to live inspired lives with Compassion and Purpose by Cultivating Radical Self-Love, Authentic Expression, Personal Responsibility, and Meaningful Connections." Teen Experience Seminars can be brought to your city with a minimum of 30 participants.


In addition to Teen Experience Seminars, I offer Mother-Daughter retreats, coming of age ceremonies, inner beauty courses, as well as individual teen (and parent) coaching. 

   The Teen Experience 

What Teens Say About Their Teen Experience 

It’s very hard to put into words how I feel after attending this seminar. I now have many more friends and a lot more confidence in myself. I learned that I should really just go up to people and be more social, instead of being untrusting and reserved. It feels a lot better knowing that I am not invisible and that people are actually glad to see me and want to talk to me. The seminar was a change of life-style for me.

~Amanda, age 17

You’ve got no idea how this has changed my perspective on life!!! I can’t describe how much happier I’ve been after the experience and I wanna keep moving. I’ve reached a level of self-comprehension that no ordinary teen could. Most adults don’t even feel this. I’m so ahead of myself it’s awesome!!! I’m gonna enjoy life so much more because of this. Thank you for helping me start discovering myself.

~Eric, age 16

I learned so much I can’t even describe it. It was an awesome experience I will never forget!

~Chanel, age 15

Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to know more about myself and about others too. I think this is one of the better things I have done in my whole life. I feel like a whole new person; a happy, confident, loving, mature, independent, understanding teenager.

~Alejandra, age 14

It has really helped me love myself. I feel loved! It was an amazing experience. Level 2, 5 days! DO IT!

~Eryn-Michelle, age 16

Being here for 3 days has helped me be more vulnerable and open to people. Also, it helped me learn to take my own advice because I usually only give other people advice and ignore my own.

~Karlee, age 15

​For the first time I looked within me! I got negative thoughts out of my mind and brought in positive stuff. The connection with the group members was so special for me because I have a deep desire to meet people and make friends. Meeting with these people and the things we discussed made the relationship created much more personal and intimate. I loved it!

~Venus, age 16

This has been a life opening opportunity for me because there have been things in my life that have happened and instead of talking to someone about it, I would bottle it all up inside, but when I came here I started to open up more and talk to people.

~Jaelyn, age 17

This has been a spectacular experience. I got to be me and I was fully accepted. My self-confidence has improved a ton. I have made many new friends that I will stay connected with for all the rest of my days. I totally look forward to my next experience!

~Jadrian, age 18

It has shown me that people of all cultures and lifestyles have very similar problems and that we can connect on a deeper level no matter what our differences are.

~Emmett, age 17

Teri Jo Wheeler Soul-centered Education for Teens.jpg

This was an epic adventure with lots of fun twists and turns. We could talk about real things that we don’t usually share with others. It was very safe for us to be who we really are in our hearts, which is beautiful.

~Anonymous, age 14

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