Creating space for the people,
things and ideas that matter most

  • Declutter & Organize: Select Rooms or Whole House

  • Organize & Downsize: Garages and Storage Units

  • Moving: Pack Up and/or Unpack your Home

  • Home & Office: Paper & Digital Filing Systems

  • Time Management: Effective Lists & Calendars

  • Family Routines: Heartfelt Strategies & Support

  • Self-Care & Responsibility Charts (Kids/Adults)

​​​​​One of Teri Jo's specialties is her sensitivity and attention to the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of her clients

and their environment. Whether you are moving through a difficult transition like divorce, illness, the death of a loved one, the sale of your home, or empty nesting... or are simply desiring greater levels

of creativity and flow, Teri Jo can help bring order, alignment,

and a sense of peace to you and your home or office​.

Children's Room
Neat Storage Boxes
Well Organized Closet
Bathroom Shelves
Stylist Modern Study
Art Supply
Organized Cubicles
Modern Design Workspace
Livingroom Shelves
White Kitchen
Urban Modern Interior Design
Modern Urban Apartment