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Home Organizing, Soul-centered Coaching & Education

Roots covered with moss in the forest. Photographed on a sunny day in the spring in the Uk

Teri Jo is a highly attuned, creative, and empathic Coach, Educator

and Home Organizer

who champions for truth, fun, freedom, flow and clarity.

Whether it is your heart,

mind and body, 

or your home or office

that is in need of

decluttering, organization,

and tender loving care,

Teri Jo offers support and guidance in ways to best serve you and

your Soul's Purpose. 




Your Life.

Your Home.

Your Connection.

“What I am is good enough if
I would only be it openly.”

― Carl R. Rogers

 Remember who you are

and live on purpose.

In Soul-centered Coaching sessions get in touch with your higher Self and its inherent wisdom.

Discover ways to live in Loving Presence, care for your body, liberate your mind,  and be loyal to your Soul.


When your house is in order, Grace, Ease, Joy and Creativity Flow. As a Home (and project) SOULutions organizer, I assist you in decluttering and clearing out what no longer serves you, and finding practical and pleasing places for the things you like and use.  

Children's Room

Need an inspiring speaker or facilitator for your upcoming workshop or event? I offer talks and classes in Personal Growth & Healing including:

Creative Expression,

Self-Care, Heart-Centered Parenting, the Inner Child, Teen Empowerment, Soul in Business, the Shadow, etc. 

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